Canada Day Long Weekend

Scott and I were lucky enough to spend Canada Day long-weekend in Kelowna. We had a blast!

Our good friends Sarah and Ryan have a gorgeous house there and they welcomed us to stay with them for the weekend. We had lots of pool time, tons of wine and non-stop fun.

We visited a few vineyards and stocked up on some good Canadian wines.

Our first night in town S&R had some other friends over for dinner. We had fun doing a blind tasting of four different wines. We had similar varietals from Napa, Canada, Italy and France. We had to guess where each wine was from and then say what our favourite wine was.

There was a lot of this!

Ryan won the completion by getting all four wines correct. Scott was awesome. As the least inexperienced wine drinker he got 2 of the 4 correct. He tied with me!

The best/biggest surprise of the night was that the favourite wine of the night was the Canadian!!

The wine was a Meritage from Le Vieux Pin. Go Canada!

Winner Winner

Sarah made an amazing dinner with Grilled chicken, Rice pilaf and stuffed zucchini. It was so yummy! I’m going to have to get the recipes from her.

The next night I was in charge of dinner. We had rib-eyes with caramelized onions, Mederia mushrooms, buttered faro and grilled peppers. Another tasty dinner!

We only took pictures of mushrooms.

Our final night we went to a place called Ricardo’s it was a great restaurant with delicious food, good cocktails, good wine list and a great atmosphere.

The Boys

The Boys at dinner.

The girls

We hit up some wineries as well:

Cedar Creek. Go there. Buy the “M”. Don’t ask questions, just thank me later. The “M” is their mediera, you can only get it at the winery and it is amazing! The best after dinner drink ever. We also had a nice glass of pinot noir and a snack on their patio.

Scott and I went to Quail’s Gate for lunch. Sat on the patio, had some Chardonnay and loved every second of it. The food was great- go there as well.

S&A at Quail's Gate

We hit up Mission Hill, walked the grounds for a bit, went to the tasting room and it was busier that Cowboys during Stampede. We left and checked out a new place. St. Hubertus. Very tasty, their whites are a bit on the sweeter side, but perfect for a hot summer’s day.

Rio went to BowDog for the weekend and did great!

Post Bow Dog nap

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One Response to Canada Day Long Weekend

  1. Jillian says:

    We love madeira! We’ll have to go check out Cedar Creek. There is a place in Napa we go to just for the madeira… all the two times we’ve gone 😉 We constantly brainstorm how we can get more sent to us because, same story, you can only get it at the winery (and only buy six bottles at a time).

    Love Rio!

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