I’m  linking in with Jillian’s blog for this post because she took the words out of my mouth, made them sound really good then posted them on her blog.

Rio at Bow Dog

Rio was five months when we got her and we quickly learned that we had some issues to work through, the issues were with other dogs.

We’ve slowly given her freedoms when we thought she was ready for it and things have worked out.

One of the biggest issues Rio has is with other dogs indoors –  we really wanted to get her into day care, but we were concerned as to how she would be locked up all day in a little room with 20 other dogs.

When I dropped off Rio to daycare yesterday morning there was no concern, just pride, like a mom sending her child to the first day of school.

According to staff Rio was Awesome – obviously. They said they didn’t have any incidences with her, I’m guessing there was a bit of humping, but I’ll take the perfect report.


I am very happy with Bow Dog, they have a huge indoor play area and they separate the dogs into different groups based on size and temperament. They have an even bigger outdoor play area and the staff really care. We will be going back to Bow Dog again and regularly.

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