June 11 is a Great Day!

June 11 is one of my favourite days of the year. June 11 is the day my favourite person was born.

Scott doesn’t care about his birthday, but I do. He would be happy doing nothing for his bday but I don’t agree with that. This was an important year – he turned 35, so we had a party. One of Scott’s besties, John, was born on June 10 so we usually do something with him. We had Scott and John’s friends over and some of my friends as well.

A couple days before the party we hit up the Costco meat department so Scott could smoke an assortment of meats.

We had quite the selection: Three flavours of smoked chicken wings, three flavours of ribs, pork shoulder, smoked sausage and pulled chicken sandwiches. The meat was really good – every time Scott uses the smoker the food gets better and better.

I was in charge of the salads they really did not get touched because, really who needs salad when you have five different meats to choose from. The salads were Ina’s cucumber salad. It was really good –  a must repeat. Thomas Keller’s Coleslaw – it didn’t even get mixed up. A corn and Quinoa salad that my sister made once, recipe from Dinner with Julie. That didn’t get mixed up either. A seven grain salad from Costco, not bad but not great. I wouldn’t buy it again.


And in keeping with tradition I had a special ice cream cake made up as well.  Mysterio and El Santo – well you’ll have to ask them about those names.

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One Response to June 11 is a Great Day!

  1. downsally says:

    So awesome! Little tear we couldn’t make it – next time I’ll ask you to bundle up a to-go package 🙂

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