Hello Rio!

Please welcome Rio Cory Schmidt Nadeau.

She is a rescue from Cabo San Lucas and according to the rescue she was born on Sept 5, 2010. She is a very happy puppy who is excited about everything. Rio has already learned some important puppy lessons like sitting, laying down, giving paw and going to the washroom outside. She loves her food and playing with it. Just like her older brother, Turbo.

Rio is very interested in Turbo and wants to play with him, but he is not interested in her, although he is starting to enjoy swatting her face when she gets too close.

She is in love with her blankets, she gets rather greedy about them and likes to lay on as many as possible.

Rio likes to go for walks and she likes to run. We just need the weather to warm up in order for us to go for long walks and get all her energy out. She currently weighs 25 lbs and I’m hoping she stays that size – but I doubt it.

She is a very smart dog and with some training classes we think that she will be an awesome addition to our family.

Getting ready for our walk.


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One Response to Hello Rio!

  1. Demetra says:

    Yayyy! Puppy pictures. She’s is so, so cute. I love her ears. I need to meet her soon.

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