Meal Plan – (a little late)

Meal Plan  JAN.26.11

Monday we had leftovers – so no real cooking required.

Tuesday – Butter chicken –

I found these amazing Indian Sauces at the Fancy Food Show in San Fran. They had restaurant quality curries and I loved it. The company is called Maya Kaimal, they even won some awards from the show. I was speaking with the representative (I’m pretty sure she was the owner) and she said that they do not currently ship to Canada. The next weekend I’m in Winners and out of nowhere appears this sauce brand. Of course I pick some up to try at home. Well that’s what we had last night. We tried the Butter Marsala. It was good, it had a bit of heat but it wasn’t overpowering. These sauces would be really nice to have on hand so you can make a nice dinner when you are in a hurry. PS- Their Spicy Ketchup was amazing!!

Wednesday  – Farfalle with Sausage, Sundried tomatoes and Artichokes.

Thursday – Paprika Chicken with Mashed potatoes

Friday – Spaghetti Squash – do they sell spaghetti squash at this time of year? Not sure – I’ll have to come up with a backup plan if they don’t.

Saturday – not sure yet. We might go out for a nice little dinner – this weekend we will celebrate being married for six months1 Six months! I can’t believe it.

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