I Love Today

Weekends – I love them. Who doesn’t?

I’m sitting here with a nice glass of wine. Football is playing, the cat is asleep and I’m feeling happy/content/grateful but a little sad as well.
Lola’s brother passed away yesterday. He also had distemper. He is the third of the litter to go. I am saddened because I’m learning that there is no hope for any of these pups. He was the strongest of the bunch and had shown no previous symptoms. There are three more puppies from Lola’s litter left and I’m praying and hoping they will somehow beat this disease, sadly I am doubtful.
I’m imagining Lola, Ripper (her brother) and Rita (her sister) playing and so happy to be together. That thought brings comfort to me and makes this sad situation easier to deal with.
Today I met up with Jenny and Jackie at South Centre mall for a couple hours. I have some gift cards for Restoration Hardware and Crate and Barrel and wanted to check out the stock. I love both those stores but it doesn’t look like the $150 is going to get me that U-shaped sectional I was eying up. Oh and I forgot the gift-cards so it was just a preview trip.
I really enjoy hanging with Jenny and Jackie. I love how Jackie’s personality is developing and she if a fun little girl. Although she is still a good form a birth control because she is a lot of work!
I got a great nap this afternoon then made us dinner. Perfect.
Scott fell asleep – so I get the TV.
Oh and my blog got an award!! More to come on that. Thanks Alison!!
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One Response to I Love Today

  1. Alison says:

    Great post! And you are very welcome.
    Glad you had a good night. So sorry to hear about the pups. 😦

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