All Questions. No Answers.

On Friday morning around 11 a.m. our brand new puppy, Lola,  passed away.

Thursday night Lola started to really concern us. Her back left leg started twitching uncontrollably. She slept all day and had no energy to move or do anything. We took her to the vet first thing Friday morning and our worse fears were confirmed. She had Distemper. Through research on Thursday evening we thought that was what she had and we knew that it was not good. She was  very sick and things were going to get worse for her. Upon the vet’s recommendation we decided to put her out of her pain and send her to heaven sooner than we wanted her to go.

I’m struggling with this. With making such a huge decision.  Wondering what made me pick her out of all the dogs in Calgary that need adopting. Why her? Why us? What did having her for two weeks do? What are we to learn from this?
I’m trying to put it in perspective but it is just so hard. I understand that everyday people go through much worse but in the two weeks we had her we loved her so much.

Her and I developed a bond and she loved to go anywhere I went. She didn’t like it when I left even if Scott was there. She was already my little girl.

There a couple things comforting me though this situation.

1. We gave her so much love & cuddles and an amazing home for her final two weeks. I keep on thinking about her having this disease on the streets of Mexico, alone, scared and sick. It would’ve been a horrible ending to her life if she had to go through that by herself.

2. Early detection would not have helped her. She had seen two vets before she was diagnosed with distemper and symptoms were easily explained away.

 It started with a cold she was given antibiotics and they seemed to her get better.

She wasn’t eating. We thought that since she was a Mexican street dog she was used to scavenging for food and needed to develop an appetite for dog food. We got her on boiled ground beef and rice and she started to eat.

She had discharge come from her eyes. This happened to Turbo and we thought it would be fixed with eye drops.

We had an amazing two weeks together and in time I hope I can learn the reason she was brought into our lives.

Love you Lola.

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One Response to All Questions. No Answers.

  1. Alison says:

    Amy – like I said in our email, we are so sorry you guys are going through this. It breaks my heart. 😦 I can only imagine how you are feeling. You are so right that gave Lola lots of love and comfort while she was lucky enough to be with you and I think that is the reason you chose her. Hugs.

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