Our puppy came home with us on Sunday, December 19 , 2010 and she is amazing. Sweet, cuddly and loving!

Things about her:

She is a rescue dog from Mexico.

She’s about 9 weeks old and is a great little pup.

She was brought to Calgary with her brothers and sisters (five in total) about a week ago from Cabo San Lucas. She is very skinny but we’ll get some meat on her bones soon enough. She’s weighs 4.4 kgs currently.

The cat (Turbo) is very interested but I think is rather unimpressed with this addition. I think he will adjust well to having her with us.

So now we will be spending Christmas training her. It is really cold her right now so outdoor potty training will be a challenge as  she gets very cold.

She is a little sick right now, but we’re giving her lots of cuddles and love to make her feel better.

The Pup got to come to work with me today and I got a lot more work done than I anticipated.

I already love her so much and my current goal is to put some meat on her bones and get her healthy!

At the office helping productivity.

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One Response to Puppy!

  1. Alison says:

    Ah so cute! Enjoy the holidays with her. We can’t wait to meet her! And when she’s bigger for Cruz and her to play! 🙂

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