Wedding Party

At the beginning of October Scott and I hosted a party at the Westin to celebrate our marriage.

It was a very nice evening with most of our friends and family coming out to celebrate with us. (We were both sad that John Perrin couldn’t join us as he was in Nova Scotia)
Scott’s mom and younger brother were able to join us from Regina and his older brother and family came all the way from Toronto.
My good friend Chelsea and her husband Glenn made the seven (plus) hour drive from Slave Lake!

We held it at the Westin in the Crown Suite.

We served:

a trio of sliders  – hamburger, pulled pork and halibut.
Classic shrimp cocktails
Pork belly
Cheese Platter
There was more, but for the life of me I can’t remember.


Santa Florintina – Torontes and Malbec
Underaga Brut
A large variety of beer and coolers.
And the Gibsons and Grey Goose someone went out and bought later in the night…

We had plenty of wine and beer leftover that we are more than happy to get through.

I think Jenny was about the only person that was smart enough to bring a camera, so she was on photo duty all night.

Thanks to her for taking pictures, I would be sad if we didn’t have photographic evidence.

Here are some photos but if you want more you can check them out here and here.   There are two different posts.   

We loved that so many people took time out of their busy weekend to come out… now to plan the honeymoon.


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