Falling in Love


Fall is my favorite season of the year. Calgary autumns can be very  hit and miss. I remember last year we had exactly one week of fall. It was plus 30, one week of nice crisp fall weather, then snow.

This year we have been blessed with a phenomenal fall, it has been very long with great weather.

Things I love about fall:

The weather – I am not a hot weather person and so the moderate temperatures of fall are perfect for me.

The colors – Amazing out East not as great here but still beautiful.

The food – I love comfort food and the fall is license to make stews, soups, mashed potatoes, roasts… I think that coffee taste better when there is a chill in the air and red wine is always at its finest when you’re cuddled up inside.

Thanksgiving – Words cannot express how much I love Thanksgiving. I start planning my Thanksgiving dinner in November. Mainly because that is when all the American food magazines have their Thanksgiving articles published. I have been lucky enough to celebrate American Thanksgiving once and I get jealous of everyone that gets to celebrate it. (I wouldn’t want to give up my Canadian Thanksgiving.) Maybe one year I can make a great big American Thanksgiving dinner for Scott and his friends while they watch football?

I always miss my Ottawa family so much more at Thanksgiving time. They had epic Thanksgivings, full of lots of family, food, drinks, socializing and fun. The only good thing about not celebrating Thanksgiving with them is that I usually get to be in charge of the cooking.

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