Wii and Netflix

As an anniversary present last year Scott bought me a Wii. I really wanted one for a long time but since we got it we have barely played with it.

I recently found a new use for it and I am very excited.

I recently signed up for Netflix.

For $8 a month you can watch unlimited movies and TV shows on your computer or streaming through your Wii. You can also stream it through PS3 or Xbox 360.

I think they are fairly new to Canada and I’m guessing they don’t have all the copy write issues worked through as they don’t have everything that I’ve been looking for. They definitely have enough to make $8 per month worth it. ITunes TV and movie selection for a while was poor but got better quickly and I think that will happen with Netflix Canada.

I have started watching Mad Men and I’m loving it so far. I’m excited to get into other series that people talk about  – like Dexter.

I find the value for this is amazing as we would spend $8 to get one movie from Shaw on Demand and with that you only get it for 24 hours.

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