Thanksgiving 2010

After a year long hiatus – I am back.
I am here to speak about my favourite holiday – Thanksgiving!

Leading up to Thanksgiving has been a very busy – we had our wedding reception the weekend before TG with a few out of towners staying with us.
I decided to forgo the regular friends dinner and have only a family dinner.
Blake and I hosted the dinner together. And Karen too. I was in charge of the bird and we had dinner at B&Ks.
I used the Williams Sonoma brine again. I used equal parts butter milk and water to create the brine and I added some apple juice as well.I started bringing the bird on Thursday evening and we ate on Sunday.

To cook the bird I stuffed it with a fresh poultry spice blend, onions and garlic. I added some chicken stock and butter. Cooked the 27 lb bird for 8 hours.

Served with the bird:
· Gravy
· Roasted garlic mashed potatoes
· Stuffing – made by Blake
· Green bean casserole
· Broccoli and cheese sauce
· Pumpkin pie, Saskatoon pie and strawberry rhubarb pie
Our attendance was small this year – as usual Jenny and family were in Canmore.
Paul and Catalina joined later. Scott couldn’t come because of work, and my friend cancel due to illness.
That leaves Blake, Karen, Mom, Dad, Judy (Karen’s mom) and me. A bit of a small group for a 27 lb turkey.

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