In March of 2010 my friend (and then co-worker) Jillian took a long-weekend trip to Vancouver island with her boyfriend. Unknown to all of us she and Brent got married that weekend!

They didn’t tell anyone, but they had it all – the dress, the photographer. Everything!

I liked how they got married and it got the wheels in my head turning.

Cut to a month or two later Scott and I are out for dinner and talking (as we often did) about marriage and how we would like to get married. We had thrown around a few ideas but none of them were perfect. My favorite idea was to have a backyard party and then surprise everyone with a wedding, but there was fear that some important people wouldn’t be able to come. Or wouldn’t see the need to fly to Calgary for a backyard party.

Another idea was the destination wedding, but we thought it would put a lot of people in a tough situation.

So at dinner I told Scott I would be happy to Elope – if there were all the wedding elements involved. He really liked the idea and the planning started.

We were planning to go away Labour Day long weekend but Scott convinced me to move it up the August long weekend. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to get everything we needed in less than three months.

After looking at a few different destinations we settled on San Francisco.

SF was decided on for a couple reasons –

  1. We both had never been there.
  2. Everyone that goes there says it is beautiful.
  3. Not many people from Calgary go to San Fran to get married and we wanted something different.
  4. It is a great Anniversary location to go back to.

The planning started and everything came together very quickly and easily. I contacted a catering manager at the W Hotel and she worked with us to make our day and stay excellent. Her name is Alison and we loved her. She was kind, helpful and fun!

I bought a dress at Evelina Couture in Calgary. I ordered my jewelry from Etsy, I bought my shoes off Ebay. And I was set!

I found our photographer online and just loved his work. He was available the day we were planning to get married and was a good price.

Thursday, July 29 we flew to San Fran, after a romantic proposal at 4:30 a.m. We got to the hotel around 9:30 and met with Alison. She showed us the space and we discussed all the final details. We then made our way to City hall to get our marriage license.  San Francisco City hall is so beautiful.  

The rest of the day we explored San Fran, ate and had a great time together.

Friday, July 30 – The Wedding day!

We woke up after sleeping in a bit. We lazed around for a while and ordered room service. We then went for a little walk to get a bottle of Champagne.

We then returned to the hotel and I got my hair and makeup done. I had a lady come to the room, that was very convenient as I didn’t know the city.  Meanwhile Scott got to relax more and watch some TV.

We then got dressed and went to get our pictures taken. We met our photographer at a beach and we got some great bridge pictures. We then went to the hotel and got married. We got married on the rooftop of the W Hotel, our witnesses were our photographer and Alison, the wedding planner from the hotel. Right after we got married we toasted with champagne and got some more pictures taken.

We then made our way to Gary Danko for our wedding dinner. Our dinner there was amazing. We both did the five-course tasting dinner and we couldn’t finish it. I would love to return there when we are not so filled with stress, anxiety and wedding day emotion.

All day we both kept saying how wonderful it was, how much fun we were having and how we loved the day.

I would not change a thing about how we got married. I thought it was perfect.

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One Response to Married!

  1. Lisa White says:

    Love this little story 🙂

    Have I mentioned how happy I am for you??

    Me xo

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