Adolescent Turbo

It has already been a year since we got Turbo and he’s not “Little Baby Turbo” anymore. He’s “Rather Large Teenager Turbo”

That name doesn’t really flow, so we call him many different names.

  1. Mr. T
  2. B (short for baby)
  3. BT (Baby Turbo)
  4. T Cat
  5. Cute

Turbo is a great cat and we really love him. He is very social and curious.

He loves Scott so much and he is learning to tolerate me. When Scott isn’t available to cuddle he’ll come to me – rather reluctantly but when you gotta get your purr on, you gotta get your purr on.

Turbo loves to play fight and especially loves a stuffed bird that we have him chase.

He’s grown into a big strong boy – maybe too big. He loves supervising all activity, especially my cooking.

Turbo loves running the house and I sure when we finally get a cat he will have a bit of a rude awakening…

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