My Favorite Playlist as of Right Now

Sideways – Citizen Cope – From the Ghost Town movie. I love Ricky Gervais.

Permanent – David Cook – A beautiful song David wrote for his brother who passed away as a result of cancer.

I’m Scared – Duffy – From the Bride Wars movie.

Your Everything – Keith Urban – Just a beautiful song. 

I Can’t Stop Loving You – Keith Urban –  A good cover of Phil Collin’s song.

Kids – MGMT – These guys have got to be good if Paul McCartney said he would collaborate with them.

Fall for You  – Secondhand Serenade – Kinda Emo, but not bad.

Well Thought Out Twinkles – Silversun Pickups – Great song.

Lazy Eye – Silversun Pickups – Great band, that’s why there’s two of their songs on my playlist.

Make This Go On Forever – Snow Patrol – This song has such passion. I love a song that gets bigger and bigger as it goes on.

Zero – Yeah Yeah Yeahs –  Another great song from a great band.

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One Response to My Favorite Playlist as of Right Now

  1. Justin B says:

    Wow, You’re an awful blogger. Almost 2 months without a new post. Boooo!!!!

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