Recession Deals

There are a lot of bad things that have resulted from the recession: unemployment, foreclosures, extreme debt…

There have also been some good ones:  housing prices are down, a lot of useless employees have been let go, and the best one yet – Recession Deals at Restaurants.

My friend Vanessa told me about an article she read in the Calgary Herald about restaurants (usually the higher-end ones) having recession deals to attract more customers.

One of my favourite restaurants in Calgary, Teatro, happens to be one of the restaurant who have adopted some discounts. Teatro is saved for only special occasions because it is quite expensive.

Monday after work we met at Teatro to check out their deals, and it was great. They have a few different deals, but this was their best one. On Monday to Friday,           3 p.m. to 5 p.m. they are offering their antipasti menu and EVERY bottle of wine and beverage at 50 per cent off. Why wouldn’t you try the Petrus at 50 per cent off?

We were able to enjoy their Charcruterie Board with some artisan cheeses and a bottle of wine for a very reasonable price. The Charcruterie Board even had Foie Gras! It was cheaper than a happy hour stop off at Earls and about 20 times more enjoyable.


They also have lunch and dinner deals.

Check out their Stimulus Package

Check out their website

The Belvedere also has a great lunch and dinner pre-fixe menu for a very reasonable price.

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