Happy Birthday to My Favorite Man!

Today is Scott’s 33rd birthday.

Amy and Scott, Christmas 2008

Amy and Scott, Christmas 2008

We celebrated it last weekend because he is moving into his house this weekend.
Scott is a very simple person and doesn’t expect much when it comes to his birthday, he figures it is just another day.

That makes my job easy.
Scott wanted to go to Red Lobster for his birthday dinner, so on Saturday night that is where we went. I must say, I always get good service and the food is consistently good and well priced. You can’t get many great seafood meals in land-locked Alberta.
We went early and beat the rush! When we left there was about an hour long wait.
Then we were able to go home and enjoy a bottle of Champagne.

Every year I buy Scott an ice cream cake (his favorite thing ever)for his birthday and one Valentine’s Day. I usually the cakes from Dairy Queen, but this year I decided to step it up a notch and get one from Marble Slab. I thought this cake would blow him away. It turns out Dairy Queen was the preferred version. Marble slab just had chocolate ice cream, chocolate chips and  fudge on top. Whereas Dairy Queen has chocolate and vanilla ice cream, fudge and Oreo crumbs. Marble Slab can custom make cakes, but I just got a pre-made one. I’m sure one could come up with some great cake inventions.
I’ll either stick with Dairy Queen or get a really good custom cake next time. 

Picture 016

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2 Responses to Happy Birthday to My Favorite Man!

  1. Jenny says:

    next year you should make your own – I did some reasearch thinking Adam would like one – then I found out he doesn’t really like ice cream cake as much as normal cake – so I scratched the idea, but I eventually will make my own maybe just for myself sometime.

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