Salute is a new spin on the food and wine festival.
Traditional F&W Festival: Unlimited numbers of vendors crammed into pavilion offering the “best” they’ve got.
New F&W Festival: A variety of locations around town hosting different themed events. The events include wine maker’s dinners, wine and cheese events, and even cooking classes.

The Cookbook Co. was able to host Anthony Sedlak, host for Food Network, Canada’s The Main. Oh how I so wanted to attend that class, I love The Main. But I had bigger plans. An evening with another food network star, Chuck Hughes. He is a Montreal chef who owns Garde Manger, a restaurant in Old Montreal. He also hosts Chucks Day Off.

This is how the evening went down.
Upon arrival we were directed to the lounge where they had three cocktails with food pairings. I only got one cocktail, it was tequila heavy and I did not enjoy it one bit. I don’t know what happened to all the other cocktails. After the cocktails we were encouraged to try six different wines with food pairings. They were all very good, but especially a Californian sparkling wine made in the Champagne style. More on that in a later post.

The main event of the night was the iron chef competition. Ned Bell, (a well known Calgary Chef) J.P. Gerritsen, (Olives Super Chef) and Chuck Hughes participated in an iron chef style food challenge hosted in the open stadium kitchen. We also got treated to a surprise Food TV host, Rob Rainford! He hosts License to Grill and was Ned Bell’s Sous Chef. The concept was great, but the restaurant was very full and it was nearly impossible to see the competitors.

Next time they’ll need a live feed to TVs so more people can see. Gerritsen was the winner, I have no clue what he made, but I’m sure it was great! Even though we didn’t get to see the show I was able to meet Rob and Chuck, I was even able to talk Montreal restaurants with Chuck.
I’ll go back next year and hopefully there will be TVs.

Picture 022

Rob Rainford and I

Picture 023

Vanessa and Rob Rainford

Picture 024

Me, Chuck Hughes, and Vanessa

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2 Responses to Salute

  1. Demetra says:

    Does this last photo count as one of the greatest moments of your life?

    I agree that it would make the experience much more enjoyable to actually see what’s happening down in the kitchen.

  2. Lindsay T says:

    You got to meet Chuck?!!! I am jealous. Even though I’m a huge The Main fan, I would probably choose Chuck too…

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